Media interviews

17.02.2015 (Otago Daily Times/Southland Express) A Workforce Strategy for Southland. (Allison Beckham)

22.09.2014 (Waikato Times) Waipa district faces growing, older population (Elton Smallman)

21.07.2014 (insurance ICNZ to address population change

18.07.2014 (The Dominion Post) Editorial: New life emerges out of the gloom

17.07.2014 (Nelson Mail) Mayor: We can't do everything everywhere

17.07.2014 (The Timaru Herald). Red-zoned provinces

27.04.2014 (Sunday Star Times) - City at risk - quotes Natalie Jackson in a discussion of Auckland’s public health system

14.04.2014 (Waikato Times) Professor Natalie Jackson speaking at meeting to discuss amalgamation of councils

15.12.2013 (NZ Herald) Census 2013: Immigration at new high: 2013 census says immigration at new high, comments from Professor Natalie Jackson and others (Susan Edmunds)

04.12.2013 (Waikato Times) Census data shows bicultural NZ changing fast, comments from Dr Tahu and Professor Natalie Jackson

18.10.2013 (The Northern Advocate) Exodus from Far North continues (Peter de Graaf)

16.10.2013 (Waikato Times) Rural areas on the brink, census shows (Elton Smallman)

16.10.2013 (New Zealand Herald) Census 2013: Auckland leads growth but rural areas decline (Isaac Davison & Simon Collins)

16.10.2013 (New Zealand News) Foreign students fuel supercity growth (Frances Cook)

27.08.2013 (Northland Regional Council Press Release) Natalie Jackson on expert panel with Sir Geoffrey Palmer, advising on Northland local government reform

15.08.2013 (NZ Herald) More Kiwis working beyond pension age (Simon Collins)

28.07.2013 (NZ Herald) Regions may need help to stay alive, Natalie Jackson's Invited Address on ageing to Local Government New Zealand's annual conference (Bernard Hickey)

24.07.2013 (Waikato Times) Waikato’s youth an ‘endangered species’ (Aaron Leaman & Jonathan Carson)

23.07.2013 (Stuff) Call for plan on ageing Kiwis, Natalie Jackson comments reported from Local Government New Zealand annual conference in Hamilton (Michael Daly)

23.07.2013 ( PM Key says central government rethinking its position on regional development; says understands problem of shrinking populations outside Auckland, Christchurch (Bernard Hickey)

27.06.2013 (The Satellite) Natalie Jackson’s age projections are quoted in “scientists believe it may be possible to delay ageing process” (Jamie Morton)

22.06.2013 (Rotorua Daily Post) Rotorua's youth 'key' to future (Katie Holland)

11.06.2013 (Stuff) We’ll be older and diverse (Alex Fensome).

27.03.2013 (National Business Review) Census was a missed opportunity – NZ First (Blair Cunningham)

March 2013 (Settlement Support) Population projections (Carol Andersen and Helen Gould)

05.03.2013 (Waikato Times) Census will be helpful as region is 'starving' for fresh statistics (Elton Smallman), p. 1

01.02.2013 (Community - Newsletter for staff of the University of Waikato) Waikato appointment for Statistics Advisory Committee, p. 8

18.01.2013 (Business Day) Boom time for retirement villages - Opinion (Maria Slade)

09.01.2013 (Scoop) Local Government reform process kicks-off in Bay of Plenty (Max Mason)