Our Services

Natalie Jackson Demographics Ltd undertakes research for and in collaboration with a wide range of industry and government and non-government agencies. Contact us to talk about your research needs.

We can provide:

Invited Addresses

Natalie Jackson is a sought after speaker on demographic topics and has given hundreds of invited and keynote addresses. She is available to give invited addresses to conferences and meetings across a broad range of industry sectors.

Consultancy Reports

  • Regional and Territorial Authority Area demographic profiles
  • Specialised research reports for clients on topical issues
  • Demographic analysis reports
  • Related literature reviews

Training Services/Workshops 

Training workshops to build capacity for end-users in demographic analysis, population projections, and understanding and interpreting the trends

Who will benefit from our services?

  • Local and Central Government Departments and Agencies
  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education Providers
  • Hospital Boards and Healthcare Providers
  • Urban and Town Planners
  • Service Providers in general
  • Private Business in general
  • Utilities Companies
  • Tourism Operators and Travel Companies
  • Planning Consultants 
  • Community Groups
  • Legal Services