Each of the following presentations were given with the aid of PowerPoint slides; if you would like the slides, please email me

2010: February 16th, Keynote address to the Disaster Recovery Professional Development Conference, Australian Emergency Management Institute, Melbourne.

2009: November 11th, Invited address to the States Grants Commission Executive Officer’s Conference, Hobart.

2009: July 23rd, Invited seminar to St Michael’s Collegiate Board of Managers, Hobart.

2009: June 29th, Invited seminar to the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, Hobart.

2009: June 19th, Invited address to the Association of Independent Retirees, Hobart.

2009: June 2nd, Invited address to the Royal Tasmanian Society, Hobart

2008: December 1st, Population change and social futures: Imagining Canberra, A paper commissioned by the ACT Planning and Land Authority for the Sustainable Future Program’s Culture and Knowledge Workshop, Canberra.

2008: November 19th, The end of global population growth in the 21st Century? Invited Public Lecture, Claremont College

2008: September 19th, Invited Address to Carers Tasmania AGM, Sorell Community Health Centre.

2008: September 6th, Invited Address to Meals on Wheels Tasmania AGM, Launceston

2008: August 6th, Keynote Address to Employer of Choice Conference, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Launceston

2008: July 29th, Invited Address to ATEM Tasmania, Hobart (Gen Y & Y we ned 2 no a bt mr abt thm thn lst yr)

2008: July 23rd Keynote Address to Australia’s Ageing Population Summit 2008, Rendevous Hotel, Melbourne. (Population ageing and demographic destiny. Averting the crisis within).

2008: July 1st  Presidential Address to the Australian Population Association Biennial Conference, Alice Springs. (The ABCD of Population Ageing. Where to from here?)

2008: May 15th Invited presentation to The Hutchins School Board of Managers.

2008: February 7th Invited address to the Brighton and Southern Midlands Renewal Taskforce, Brighton Council Chambers

2008: February 7th Invited address to the Brighton and Southern Midlands Renewal Taskforce – Education Reference Group, Brighton Council Chambers.

2007: November 16th Invited Address, Queensland Department of Employment, Training and the Arts, Brisbane (plus separate Workshop to Executive Officers and Directors)

2007: November 9th, Invited Address to Community of Producers and Users of Statistics (CUPS) for Australian Bureau of Statistics, Hobart.

2007: October 30th-31st Invited participant of Ageing 2030 Creating the Future Roundtable, New South Wales Government, Parliament House, Sydney.

2007: October 24th, Invited Address to Skills Tasmania, Department of Education, Hobart.

2007: October 17th Keynote Address, Australian Association of Practice Managers National Conference, Hobart.

2007: 24th August Invited address to Seniors Bureau, Hobart

2007: 23rd August Invited address to Hobart Collegiate, Hobart

2007: 21st August Invited address, Probus Club, Lauderdale

2007: 17th August Invited address, Department of Education, South East Principals, Hobart

2007: 9th August Invited address, Australian Association of Gerontology – Tasmania, Hadleys Hotel, Hobart

2007: July 24th Workshop on Population Change, Inaugural Conference of Australian Members of Parliament, Parliament of Victoria, Melbourne

2007: July 1st Keynote Address, PANZ Conference, Wellington, NZ

2007: June 29th Invited address to the Tasmanian Property Council, Hobart

2007: June 22nd Keynote Address, BankSA Luncheon, Hyatt Regency, Adelaide

2007: June 8th Invited address, Health Care Reform: Challenges and Opportunities, Hobart

2007: May 25th Keynote Address, Aged Care Queensland, Brisbane

2007: May 24th Keynote Address, Dietitians Association of Australia, 25th National Conference Hobart, Crunch Time - nutrition in a changing environment

2007: May 14th Invited Address, National Library, Canberra

2007: May 8th Invited Address, ‘Skills shortage:  surprising retirement intentions of Australia's baby boomers’ Financial Leaders Group, CPA/KPMG, Hobart.

2007: April 27th, Invited Address, Institute of Public Administration, Townsville

2007: April 26th, Workshop, Institute of Public Administration, Brisbane

2007: April 20th, Invited Address, Association for Tertiary Education Management, Hobart

2007: March 22nd, Invited Address, National and State Librarians Meeting, Hobart

2007: March 19th, Invited presentation to Demographic Change Advisory Council, Tasmanian Treasury, Parliament House

2007: March 8th, Invited Address, Hobart Rotarians, Grand Chancellor Hotel, Hobart

2006: November 16th, Invited Address and Workshop, Queensland Apprenticeship Regulatory Authority, Brisbane.

2006: October 26th, Discussant, Special Conference on ‘Sub-replacement Fertility: Is this an Issue for New Zealand?’ Institute of Policy Studies Workshop, Wellington NZ

2006: October 19th The demographics of sea-change, Keynote address, Tasmanian Local Government Conference, Bridport

2006: October 4th-6th, Keynote Address, Going Public, A Conference for Women in the Public Sector and Politics, The Hilton, Melbourne.

2006: September 28th, Keynote Address, The Association of Heads of Australian Colleges and Halls National Conference, Hobart.

2006: September 21st, Invited address, 'Population and planning: has Tasmania 'turned around'? Tasmanian Young Planner Group, Planning Institute of Australia.

2006: July 18th, Keynote address, Local government, fiscal equalisation, population ageing and the growing importance of the Census, Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2006 Census Analysis Conference, Canberra.

2006: July 4th, 11th, 13th, Workshop Series on Demographic Change in New South Wales: Kempsey, Dubbo, and Wagga Wagga, Local Government Association of New South Wales and Shires Association of New South Wales.

2006: July 6th, Guest Speaker, Medibank Private July Breakfast, Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation, MBS-Motor’s Breakfast Series, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart

2006: May 2nd , Invited address, Probus Club of Tasmania, Hobart.

2006: March 22nd, Tasmania 2010, Video-taped Interview, Population Ageing and its impact on ICT, Department of Education

2006: March 2nd, Keynote (Breakfast) Address, Employer of Choice Conference, Tasmanian Department of Economic Development.


Public Lecture, The Australian Sociological Association Annual Conference, Hobart, 7th December

Keynote address to Logan Shire Council Economic Development Strategic Planning Workshop, Logan 2020, Griffith University Logan Campus, November 24th 2005.

Seminar to the Fabian Society, Hobart: Reconceptualising Growth, 22nd November 2005.

Invited address to the ACT Congress 2005: Winning The Business Game,‘Riding the age-quake: population ageing and its implications for the Australian economy’, CPA Australia, National Convention Centre, Canberra, 17th November 2005.

Keynote address to Queensland Transport and Department of Main Roads Joint Senior Officer’s Conference, Novotel, Brisbane, November 15th 2005.

Keynote address to the International Infrastructure Management Summit, Rotorua, New Zealand, October 18th, 2005

Breakfast address to the Seniors Card Business Partner’s Forum for the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Seniors Bureau, Hobart, October 6th.

Plenary address to the National Public Sector Convention (CPA), Melbourne. May 18th 2005

Keynote address, Australian Marketing Institute Annual Conference, Launceston, May 13th 2005

Breakfast address (and two workshops) to Institute of Public Administration of Australia (IPPA) 2005 Growing Pains Seminar Series, Brisbane, April 20th 2005

Keynote address to Bega Valley Shire Conference (A shared journey: social planning for the Bega Valley Shire and beyond) March 17th 2005

Keynote address to Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) Business Jigsaw State Conference, Adelaide, SA. March 10th 2005

Invited address to Emergency Relief Forum, Department of Family and Community Services, Port Sorell, March 3rd  2005

Invited address to Emergency Relief Forum, Department of Family and Community Services, Hobart, March 1st  2005

Invited address to 2005 Caravan Industry Australia Ltd. National Conference, February 4th, Sofitel, Melbourne.

Invited address to Home Economics Institute of Australia, Biennial National Conference, Hobart, 13th January 2005.

Keynote address to (CPA) National Conference, Hobart, 11th November 2004

Invited address to Red Cross AGM, Hobart, 27th October 2004.

Keynote address to 27th Australasian Transport Research Forum, Adelaide, 29th September 2004.

Keynote address to Local Government Association of New South Wales Seminar on Ageing and Place, 21st September 2004, Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Seminar address to Department of Family and Community Services, Hobart, 24th August 2004.

Keynote address to the Local Government Regional Directors and Senior Managers Annual Conference, 4th August, Geelong.

Seminar address to Property Council of Australia Presidents Lunch, 23rd July, Astor Grill, Hobart.

Keynote address to the 16th Annual Government Business Conference, 20th-21st May, Gold Coast International Hotel, Brisbane

Keynote address to Property Summit 2004, 25th March 2004, Wrest Point, Hobart

Keynote address to Renewal and Management of Australia’s Infrastructure Assets, 17th-19th March, 2004, Duxton Hotel, Melbourne.

Keynote address to the Combined Colleges Conference (Australian College of Health Service Executives, Royal Aus College of Medical Administrators, Royal College of Nursing and Australian Healthcare Association) 13th-14th November, 2003 Police Academy, Rokeby.

Invited address to the Australian Association of Gerontology (Tasmania Branch) Hobart, 13th November 2003

Keynote address to NETCOM (Heads of Commonwealth Regional Government Agencies) Annual Conference, Hobart Conference Centre, 31st October 2003.

Invited address to Australia/New Zealand Population Workshop, Department of Planning, Information and Environment, Hobart, 16th October 2003.

Keynote address to the National Conference of the Association of School Bursars and Administrators, Hobart, 14th-18th September 2003.

Invited address to the Tasmanian Real Estate Institute, Hobart, 11th June 2003.

Invited address, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Australia (Tasmanian Section), Hobart, 6th June 2003.

Keynote address, National conference of the Tasmanian Local Government Association, Future Shock: Tasmania Towards 2020, Hobart, 5th June, 2003.

Invited address to the City of Whittlesea Council, Melbourne, 29th May 2003.

Invited address to the Cradle Coast Authority Population Taskforce (by video-link), 20th March 2003.

Invited address to Team Glenorchy Local Government Council, Glenorchy, Tasmania, 6th December 2002.

Invited address to the Tasmanian State Library, Hobart, 3rd December 2002

Invited address to the National Conference of the Australian Local Government Chief Officer’s Group, Launceston, 14th November 2002.

Invited address to the National Conference of the Australian Local Government Women’s Association, Launceston, 1st November, 2002.

Invited address to the National Conference of Local Government Grants Commissions, Hobart, 22nd October 2002.

Invited address to the Executive Council, Provincial Government of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Canada, 5th September 2002.

Invited address to the Board of Management, St. Mary’s College, 4th August 2002. (Population ageing and its implications for St. Mary’s College).

Invited address to the Hertz Education District Committee, Geeveston, 26th June 2002.

Invited address to the ‘Mastering the Maze’ 11th State Conference on Aged and Community Services Tasmania, Launceston, 8th May 2002. (When the population clock stops ticking: implications for Aged and Community Services)

Invited address to the Tasmanian Advisory Council Multicultural Australia (TACMA), Premier's Reception Rooms, Hobart, 10th April 2002. (When the population clock stops ticking: implications for migration policy).

Invited address to the Derwent School Principals meeting, Department of Education, Moonah (Hobart), March 22nd, 2002. (The ABC of Educational Demand).

Invited address to the Institute of Public Administration of Australia (Tasmania), IPAA forum, Salamanca Inn, Hobart, March 20th, 2002. (Populate or Perish: The importance of a population policy) - (with David Crean and James McCormack).

Invited address to Australian Local Government Women's Association AGM, Oatlands, March 2nd, 2002. (When the population clock stops ticking: Implications of population ageing for Tasmania's Local Government).

Invited address to State Department of Education GM, Hobart, February 26th, 2002. (When the population clock stops ticking: Implications of population ageing for educational demand).

Invited address to Launceston City Council Aldermen, Launceston City Council Rooms, December 8th, 2001. (When the population clock stops ticking: Implications of population ageing for Tasmania).

Keynote address to NETCOM (Heads of Commonwealth Regional Government Agencies) Annual Conference, Freycinet, November 8th, 2001. (When the population clock stops ticking: Implications of population ageing for Australia's States and Territories).

Invited address to Centrelink Guiding Coalition 2001, Canberra, November 2nd, 2001. (When the population clock stops ticking: Implications of Population ageing for the Social Security System).

Invited address to Discussion on Population Forum, Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Mawson Centre, Launceston, November 26th, 2001. (When the population clock stops ticking: Implications of Population ageing for the Social Security System).

Seminar paper to Menzies Centre, October 24th, 2001. (Anatomy of a population: Understanding Tasmania's internal momentum of population decline).

Invited Seminar paper to Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services, Canberra, August 24th, 2001. (Understanding Population Ageing.)

Invited address to Retirees Expo, Wrest Point, Hobart, August 18th and 19th, 2001. (Population Ageing: the Dawning of a New Era.)

Invited address to the 'Growth through Diversity' Forum, Tasmanian Multicultural Council, Hobart Vista Hotel. 'Populate or Perish. Why Migration?'

Invited address to the Liberal Party launch of Tasmania's Population. Problems and Solutions - A Strategy Paper, Hobart, March 5th 2001.

Invited seminar to the State Departments of Health and Aged Care, and Family and Community Services, on 'Population Ageing and Tasmania', Hobart, February 19th, 2001.