Media Interviews

05.03.2010 (TVCentral) Premature ageing of NZ workforce (Janine)

26.02.2010 (Herald on Sunday) Today’s kiwi male short on cash and babies (Anna Leask)

25.02.2010 (Marlborough Express) Keeping young workers a priority (Michael Berry)

24.02.2010 (Radio NZ) Population / workforce ageing (Maggie Barrie)

18.02.2010 (Christchurch Press) (Martin van Leylen)

18.02.2010 (Waikato Regional Community News) NZ hit by ‘premature ageing’ (Geoff Lewis)

16.02.2010 (New Zealand Conservative) Premature ageing and feminist demography? (Andrei)

16.02.2010 (News and Opinion) Hollowed out nation (Bernard Hickey)

16.02.2010 (Stuff - NZPA) NZ hit by premature ageing (Bernard Hickey, Top 10)

16.02.2010 (Radio NZ) Premature ageing (Jim Mora)

Waikato Times > NZ hit by premature ageing

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04,02.2010 (Radio Live) Man Drought (Jennifer Humphreys)

29.01.2010 (Otago Press) Man Drought (Hamish McNeilly),

29,01.2010 (The Mercury) Australia’s 35 million

22.09.2009 (The Advocate) Tasmania’s Centenarians (Kellie White)

18.09.2009 (The Mercury) Tasmania’s latest population data

18.09.2009 (ABC Radio, Hobart) Launch of Australian Institute for Population Ageing Research (Tim Cox, Mornings)

06.09.2009 (The Weekend Australian - Professional) How to ease out gently (Julia Stirling)

17.08.2009 (The Mercury) migration.. (Sally Glaetzer)

13.08.2009 (ABC Radio, Hobart) Teenage births (Tim Cox, Mornings)

12.08.2009 (The Examiner) Men a minority in Tasmania, say statistics (Loretta Johnston)

06.08.2009 (ABC1 TV News) Tasmania’s Missing Gen X (Sarah Bester)

28.07.2009 (ABC Radio, Hobart) Tasmania growing but still losing young people (Rebecca Hewit)

29.06.2009 (The Australian) Boomers meet the challenge (Laura Cencigh-Albulario (p.28)

19.06.2009 (Sydney Morning Herald / The Age)

30.05.2009 (The Australian) Baby Boomers ready to work longer, Stephen Lunn, p3.

26.03.2009 (The Mercury) Kiwis cop a ribbing (Helen Kempton), p. 13.

21.03.2009 (The Advocate) Tasmania’s outlook gets better with age (Shaun Ford)

08.12.2008 (The Mercury) Tasmania on cusp of half a million people (Danielle McKay) p.9

02.12.2008 (Radio HFM, Hobart) Tasmania reaches 500,000 (Alex Jackson)

01.12.2008 (WIN TV News, Canberra) ACT’s Sustainable Future

23.11.2008 (The Mercury) Growth to plateau at 600,000 (Damien Brown) p.7

19.11.2008 (ABC Radio) Hobart. The End of Population Growth

Xxxx (The Mercury) Tassie tops the lonely lives plight (Helen Kempton)

09.11.2008 (ABC Radio) Tasmania’s looming elderly population (Stephanie/Louise/Shaun)

08.11.2008 (The Mercury) Tasmania’s looming elderly population (Maria Rae)

06.11.2008 (The Mercury) Centenarians bumper crop (Maria Rae) p.9.

06.09.2008 (The Mercury) A deadly leveler looms for state numbers (Anne Maher?) p.3

05.09.2008 (Win TV News) Latest population projections for Tasmania

September 2008 (Senior News) Funding formula flawed: expert (Merilyn Vale) p.10

27.08.2008 (ABC National Radio – live) Retirement of Australia’s baby boomers (James Carlton; Life Matters)

07.08.2008 (The Advocate) be equally as proud

07.08.2008 (The Examiner) Baby boomer jobs bragging blasted (Claire van Ryn)

07.08.2008 (The Mercury) Tassie labour crisis looms (Nick Clark)

06.08.2008 WIN TV News, Employer of Choice Conference

29.07.2008 (The Examiner) Skills shortage set to be addressed

28.07.2008 (Radio Ultra 1065) Employer of Choice conference (David Ward)

23.07.2008 (Win TV) Likelihood of Tasmania’s population reaching 600,000 (Anna..)

29.04. 2008 (The Examiner) Baby boom a big issue

27.04.2008 (The Mercury) School closures off mark (Michael Stedman)

O2.04.2008 (The Examiner) Work crisis looms (Alison Andrews) p.6-7)

02.04.2008 (The Mercury) Affordable magnet. Brighton booming.. (Maria Rae), p.2

14.03.2008 (ABC Radio, Hobart - live), Is Australia’s Baby Boom being caused by the Baby Bonus? (Tim Cox, Drive)

05.12.2007 (ABC Radio, Hobart - live), Tasmania’s Population (Louise Saunders)

c. 30th Examiner

25.09.2007 (The Mercury) Tassie numbers continue to grow (Angus Hohenboken), p.11

10.08.2007 (ABC TV News) Health system labour market shortages (Fiona Breen)

22.07.2007 (Sunday Tasmanian) Olden Days. Jobs Fear as Tassie ages (Michael Stedman) p1, 2, 12

29.06. 2007 (ABC Radio, Hobart - live) Census outcomes (Andy Muirhead – Breakfast)

18.06.2007 (The Mercury) Overdue Reforms (Greg Barnes): p. 18

17.06.2007 (Sunday Tasmanian) Replacing the baby boomers (Bruce Felmingham), p.23.

14.06.2007 (The Examiner) Expert backs closing state schools (Nic Price)

14.06.2007 (The Mercury) Schools face graying fate (Phillipa Duncan)

13.06.2007 (The Examiner) Comment on declining student numbers (Nick)

13.06.2007 (The Mercury) School’s Hitlist (Phillipa Duncan): 1, 4

13.06.2007 (ABC Radio, Hobart - live) Comment on declining student numbers (Tim Cox)

06.06.2007 (ABC TV Stateline) Tasmania’s population / DCAC paper (Lucy Shannon)

24.05.2007 (ABC Radio) Hospitals (Ros..

24.05.2007 (The Mercury) Dieticians and population ageing (Elaine Reeves)

23.05.2007 (ABC Radio National) Dieticians and population ageing (Richard Aedy, Life Matters)

08.05.2007 (ABC Radio – live) The retirement intentions of Tasmania’s baby boomers

08.05.2007 (Southern Cross TV) The retirement intentions of Tasmania’s baby boomers

17.04.2007 (ABC Radio – live) Comment on the DCAC report, Afternoons (Christopher..)

09.04.2007 (Examiner) Climate Change/Tasmania

07.04.2007 (ABC TV News) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change/Tasmania (Simon Cullen)

04.04.2007 (ABS inhouse) The Tradition Continues (Georgia Mitchell)

03.04.2007 (UniTas Alumini) Jackson graduates are ABS (Rochelle G)

29.03.2007 (The Straits Times, Singapore) Australia’s Baby Boom (William Choong)

26.03.2007 (ABC) Mike Swinson Tasmania’s population

18.03.2007 (The Sunday Tasmanian) Up go house prices, down goes population (Simon Bevilicqua): 6-7

12.03.2007 (The Mercury) South’s healthy growth pocket (Meryl Naidoo), p.10

11.03.2007 (Kingborough Times, Sunday Tasmanian) School case backed (Meryl Naidoo), p.7

27.02.2007 (ABC Radio Tasmania) Tasmania’s regional growth (Louise Saunders)

19.02.2007 (The Mercury) Wrong Place for School. Demographer warns against Kingston plan (Linda Smith):5

16.02.2007 (The Mercury) Student Squeeze (Linda Smith), pp 1, 4.

30.01.2007 (The Canberra Times) Rise in births proves to be more of a baby boon (Catherine Naylor)

29.01.2007 (The Age) Costello’s baby boom born of poor maths (Farah Faroque) page 3

29.01.2007 (SBS radio) fertility trends (Michael Kenny)

29.01.2007 (ABC Radio National) fertility trends (Richard Aedy, Life Matters)

23.01.2007 (ABC local Radio) Demand for consumer support services (Phillipa Duncan)

21.12.2006 (Advocate Newspaper) Comment on sex differentials in Circular Head (Shaun Ford)

13.12.2006 (The Advertiser Newspaper) Most to delay retirement (Jill Pengelley). Pg 41

13.12.2006 (The Mercury) Work a priority for baby boomers. 

06.12.2006 (ABC national radio) Baby boomer retirement (Annie Guest) Morning Report

06.12.2006 (ABC national radio) Baby boomer retirement (Annie Guest) Midday Report

05.12.2006 (The Mercury) Baby boomer retirement p. 13

13.11.2006 (ABC Radio Hobart) Comment on teenage fertility increase (Drive, Louise Saunders)

24.11.2006 (ABC TV Stateline) Tasmania’s baby boom? Angela

18.10.2006 (ABC Northern Tasmania) Comment on Treasurer’s claims re. fertility (Drive, Ros..)

05.10.2006 (MX News) Women and the labour force, Going Public Conference, Inger Gilchrist

26.07.2006 (ABC Radio Hobart) Comment on Treasurer’s claims re. fertility (Tim Cox, 9am)

19.07.2006 Sunday Telegraph, Sea Change/Devonport (Katrina Creer)

15.03.2005 Campus Review, The time is now: labour shortages and pop ageing (Alethea Mouhtouris), 15-16.

23.12.2005 The Sunday Examiner (Michael Stedman)

30.11.2005 The Mercury Population see-saw on the cards (Anne Mather), p.17.

16.11.2005 (ABC Radio National), Comment on fertility trends  (Julia Limb, PM program)

21.08.2005 Sunday Tasmanian, Elderly worth weight in gold (Bruce Felmingham), p.19.

20.08.2005 The Saturday Mercury, Wake-up call on ageing (Wayne Crawford), p.20.

14.07.2005 The Advocate, Editorial

13.07.2005 The Advocate, Going, going, gone (Cathy Alexander) p.1, 4.

10.06.2005 (ABC Radio Hobart) Population growth in Tasmania (Drive Time, Trevor..)

14.05.2005 The Examiner, No jobless by 2010: expert (Michael Lowe) p.3

11.04.2005 (ABC Radio National) Low fertility – is it a problem?  (James Valentine 2.40 pm)

08.04.2005 Sydney Morning Herald, Where have all the babies gone (Paola Totaro)

08.04.2005 Sydney Morning Herald, Fewer babies coming in to replace ageing workers (Paola Totaro)

30.03.2005 (ABC Radio) Is Australia experiencing a new Baby Boom? (Statewide Mornings, Louise Saunders)

24.03.2005 (ABC Radio) Regional Population Growth  (Drive Time, Jen Flemming)

17.03.2005 (ABC Radio National) Bega Valley ‘Shared Journey’ conference (Bush Telegraph, Amanda Smith)

18.01.2005 The Mercury Research focus on retirees’ intentions (Phil Beck) p.6

14.11.2004 (Radio ABC Sydney) Will there be enough caravans? The Goodlife (Murray Wilton)

29.10.2004 Australian Financial Review, Tasmania’s population (Sue Neals)

27.10.2004 (Radio 1233 ABC Newcastle) NSW population ageing project (Paul Bevan)

08.10.2004 (Radio ABC Sydney) Population ageing and the election (Melanie Pearce)

08.10.2004 Government News Magazine Population ageing in local government areas (Lucinda Dean)

28.09.2004 Sydney Morning Herald, An age-old issue spreads across the state, p. 28 (Harvey Grennan)

27.09.2004 Illawarra Mercury, Councils warned to plan for aged, General News p.10.(Lyn Danninger)

20.09.2004 The Newcastle Herald Age shift growing concern

19.09.2004 (Radio 2UE Sydney) The Business of Population Ageing, Midday program (Murray Old)

15.09.2004 (Radio ABC Sydney) The Business of Population Ageing  (Drive Program 4.15 pm Richard Glover)

15.09.2004 (ABC Radio Perth) The Business of Population Ageing (Breakfast Show, Jeff  )

15.09.2004 The Sydney Morning Herald, Wrinkles won’t be a worry, but finding parking will be (Adele Horin and Annell Knight), pp. 6.

12.09.2004 Herald Sun (Ruth Lampert)

02.09.2004 (ABC TV) Tasmania’s population (Fiona Blackwood)

27.08.2004 The Age, Tasmania back on the map, Agenda (

26.08.2004 The Age Tasmania’s population (Andrew Derby)

July 2004 Local Agenda Ageing Communities. Local Government’s Silver Lining, pp.8-11

20.06.2004 Sunday Life Apha woman beta man (Mark Abernethy) pp. 12.

16.06.2004 The Mercury, Baby cash sting for old Tassie (Luke Sayer) pp. 14.

08.06.2004. (ABC Radio) The World Today – Tasmania, the Florida of the South (Annie Guest)

18.04.2004 Sunday Tasmanian, Tassie car fleet in top gear, (Simon Bevilacqua) pp. 8-9.

11.04.2004 Sunday Tasmanian, Rich Move In (Simon Bevilacqua) pp. 1, 6-7.

13.03.2004 The Advocate, Coast attracts an extra 730 people (Amanda Allie)

12.03.2004 ABC (radio - News) ABS data release, Tas population growth  (Louise Saunders)

11.12.2003 SBS (national radio) Australia’s migrants (Moses Iten)

24.10.2003 ABC (TV – Stateline) Population ageing (Judy Tierney)

22.10.2003 ABC (national radio and local TV) Launch of Government’s ‘Tasmanian Population Report’

19.10.2003 The Sunday Examiner, Future Shock (Maria Rae), pp. 1, 4-5.

13.10.2002 ABC (national radio) Population ageing in Australia (Julia Limb)

20.09.2003 The Mercury, Elderly rise boon for youth (Kane Young), p.13.

09.09.2003 Examiner/Advocate, ABS data release (Melanie Alcott)

03.09.2003 ABC (local radio) ABS data release / Tasmania’s population trends (Katherine Acres) 4.15pm

28.08.2003 ABC (local radio) Population Ageing (Louise Saunders) 4.15pm.

05.07.2003 The Advocate. Weekend Extra, Identifying migration trends.. (Tahnia Creedon) pp. 28-29.

05.04.2003 Weekend Australian, Rolling stones come home (Carol Altmann), p.11.

26.03.2003 HOFM (radio) Tasmanian’s migration losses (Pat Russell)

25.03.2003 The Mercury, Letter to Editor (Hot Topic)

The Examiner (Alison Andrews)

27.02.2003 Financial Review, The HECS and fertility (Chelsey Martin)

05.02.2003 Sydney Morning Herald, Bringing out the best (S. Nixon, A. Stevenson and Barbara Drury)

04.02.2003 Sydney Morning Herald, Smarter by degrees but home alone (Andrew Stevenson, Sherrill Nixon)

09.10.2002 The Australian, Pay up, then get a life. High university fees affecting fertility  (Jenny Macklin), p.30

03.10.2002 Sydney Morning Herald, The greying nation faces a change of life (Andrew Stevenson) p.8.

28.09.2002 The Mercury Outlook renewed on old issue (Wayne Crawford) p.3.

10-07-2002 The Mercury, Old age is coming to every one of us (Michelle Paine), p.6.

09-07-2002, ABC (radio) Drive Time, Tasmania/population ageing (Louise Saunders)

23-06-2002, The Examiner, Where are Tassie’s men. Women in the majority now (Carol Marshall)

22-05-2002, The Mercury, Tassie greys on red alert. Super crisis looms (Danny Rose), p.1.

22-03-2002, The Examiner, State figures on the up (Alison Andrews), p.1.

22-03-2002, The Mercury, Tassie breaks decline trend (Michelle Paine) p.15.

21-03-2002, The Mercury, Broad migrant mix on cards for Tassie (Michelle Paine)

17-03-2002, The Examiner, Where are Tassie’s men? (Carol Marshall)

02-03-2002, The Saturday Mercury, Numbers that just don't stack up (Wayne Crawford), p.15.

21-02-2002, The Advocate, Jobs search behind exodus (Helen Kempton), p.39.

19-02-2002, ABC (radio) Drive Time, ABS data release/Tasmanian effects (Louise Saunders)

19-02-2002, ABC (radio) The News, ABS data release/Tasmanian effects (Lyn Hawkes)

07-02-2002, BRW, Population policy or perish (Chris Richardson), p. 24.

27-01-2002, The Sunday Tasmanian, Doomsayer stats rebutted (Danny Rose), p. 7.

25-01-2002, ABC News (Radio), Tasmania's population decline

19-12-2001, ABC Morning Show, Population Ageing (Loiuse Saunders)

09-12-2001, The Sunday Tasmanian, Warning over empty schools (Simon Bevilacqua), p.9

06-12-2001, The Mercury, Pluses of an ageing population, Editorial, p.14.

02-12-2001, The Sunday Tasmanian, Those golden oldies (Simon Bevilacqua) p.5.

27-11-2001, The Examiner

26-11-2001, ABC Mid Morning Show, TCCI/DIMA population forum (Tim Cox)

25-11-2001, The Sunday Tasmanian, Migration good for business (Bruce Felmingham).

25-11-2001, The Sunday Tasmanian, Tassie, the ageing state (Simon Bevilacqua)

24-11-2001, The Saturday Mercury, Numbers just don't add up (Wayne Crawford), p.20.

19-11-2001, ABC Afternoon Show, Population and Urban Revitalisation (Annie Warburton)

15-11-2001, BRW, Tasmania: Japan of the south? Access Economics (Chris Richardson), p. 26.

27-10-2001, The Examiner, Live with stable numbers: expert (Doug Conway), p.6.

24-10-2001, The Examiner, Forum looks at population fall (Environmental issues) p.1.

08-09-2001, The Examiner, 23404 in net loss to the State (Barry Prismall)

31-08-2001, The Age, (Andrew Darby).

19-08-2001, The Examiner, Key stats show North in decline (Carol Marshall)

19-08-2001, The Examiner, Current strategy not ‘reproductive’ (Environmental Issues)

17-08-2001, ABC Stateline (TV), Tasmania Together (Mathew Stanley).

15-07-2001, The Sunday Tasmanian, Exodus from West Revealed (Danny Rose).

11-06-2001, The Examiner, Concern at slide in State numbers (Environmental Issues)

10-06-2001, The Sunday Tasmanian, Baby busters (Bruce Felmingham), p.11.

09-06-2001, The Saturday Mercury, Size counts with school spending (Wayne Crawford), p. 24 .

08-06-2001, The Examiner, Tasmania's population continues to decrease (Barry Prismall), p. 5 .

04-06-2001, ABC Radio, Live Interview - Launch of Tasmanian Branch of Australian Population Assoc. .

25-05-2001, ABC Radio, Live interview - Multicultural Forum

24-05-2001, The Mercury, Migrant rethink (Mike Bingham) p.20 .

06-04-2001, The Mercury, Jobless tipped to fall as Tassie ages (Anne Barbeliuk) p.5 .

March, 2001, Tasmanian Business Reporter, The population debate .

03-04-2001, The Examiner, Positive side to declining population (Alison Andrews) p.13 .

18-03-2001, The Sunday Tasmanian, Jobless rate key to growth (Bruce Felmingham) p.16 .

10-03-2001, The Saturday Mercury, Population strategy is vital (Wayne Crawford) p.20 .

07-03-2001, The Mercury, Exodus key to population decline, p11 .

06-03-2001, The Mercury, Libs pledge $1000 energy bonus to boost population (Martine Haley).

06-03-2001, The Examiner, Baby boom not the answer says demography expert (Mandy Smith).

05-03-2001, ABC Stateline (TV) - Launch of Liberal Party's Population Policy

04-03-2001, The Sunday Tasmanian, Real population poser (Bruce Felmingham) p.16 .

23-02-2001, The Advocate, Threat to Tasmania's growth (Luke Sayer) p.4 .

16-12-2000, The Saturday Mercury, Opinion (Kudelka) p.18

16-12-2000, The Saturday Mercury, Outcry for population push (Harriet Binet and Kathy Grube).

16-12-2000, The Saturday Mercury, Policy on population, Editorial, p. 18.

15-12-2000, The Mercury, Mum's the word on population (Kathy Grube) p. 7 .

17-10-2000, The Examiner, Exodus of the breeders (Mandy Smith) p. 1 .

17-08-2000, ABC 6pm News, Live interview, Tasmania's population decline

06-08-2000, The Sunday Tasmanian, It's population policy or perish (Simon Bevilacqua) pp. 4-5 .

17-02-2000, 7ZR Morning Report with Tim Cox, Live interview: - Tasmania's loss of youth population .

09-02-2000, 7ZR Drive Time with Jules Retro, Live interview - Tasmania's population decline



Other Media Commentary / articles / letters



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